Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Don't Love You

I just think you're special in a certain way...
It's not about the way you look or how you carry yourself
But i think it's because of the unique person deep inside.

In all ways you are dear to me.
It's not because i think of you most of the time.
nor i imagine being with you when I'm alone, or even spend
my quiet moments recalling what we talked about of the funny things we did.

Yup, I would admit it was fun being with you...
but still I don't love you. That's it.

However, i do admit (and you may call it kinda' strange)
That this feeling is something new and exciting...
knowing you is such a kick deep inside.
Ok, i'll admit it. I long for your company
and i want to be with you most of the
time like shall we say... all of the time.
Down the line, i don't want this feeling to stop.
It will kill me if it does.

Ok, i'll stop pretending... I don't just love you.


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