Monday, October 6, 2008

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

VoIP is a new generation telephone service which allows users make phone calls over a broadband internet connection to save money. Calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper than calls made using a landline service; VoIP users can expect to save up to 100% off their normal landline telephone bill, you read it right, 100% totally free. All you need to do is plug the VoIP phone adaptor into a normal telephone and broadband modem and you can make calls the same as you normally would, plus the savings of course!

You may have heard a little about VoIP. VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means your phone calls travel over the Internet, rather than the traditional phone lines. By bypassing the traditional phone lines, MyNetFone's VoIP phone service allows you to save a small fortune on your landline phone costs!


MyNetFone converts your voice into IP packets to a server (MyNetFone) and then we switch the calls back over the internet, or to the public switched telephone network. MyNetFone takes the mystery out of it for you with plug and play VoIP phone adaptors. Once connected to a broadband internet connection and a regular telephone handset, the ‘converting' and ‘switching' is done automatically by MyNetFone via the VoIP phone adaptor. To make a call, you only need to dial the phone number, no different to your landline phone service. We will be providing you the number for your phone.

You can call your other family members abroad for free!yes free!all you need are two VoIP products!one for your family who lives abroad and one for your own!No need spending $0.10 USD per calls!calls are totally free!Buy now!

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