Friday, November 28, 2008

Almost Christmas

Christmas is almost near. It's a time for us to celebrate how God gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to us.

A few more weeks to go and Christmas will be upon us. Christmas is like a get together of a family. It's the time when our parents stop working and bond with us. A time for children to have gifts. I remember when i was a kid, me and my parents would go to the mall and see santa, then i would sit on santa's lap, then he'd ask me if what would be my wish for christmas. I remembered saying "I want to have a toy car!", then the santa would check his bag for the toy and would give it to me. Those we're the days, now that i'm older, i realized how funny it was back then, me sitting on santa's lap, asking for some toys.

I wish this christmas would be something to be remembered.

Happy Holidays!

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