Thursday, November 6, 2008

What should I do to reach my goals?

What should I do to reach my goals?

I've been thinking about this for a little while now. Hindi ko pa talaga alam kung papaano ko talaga ma reach goal ko, Hindi naman talaga mahirap, kaya lang madami kasi paraan. I need to find where or which path to take. Finding your path, it could be from school, work, your love life and etc. Considering the fact that we all have goals, we should find our path. Our path would eventually leads us to our goal.

What if i have no path?

It's a pretty hard question. But the really question should be, do you have a goal? because having a goal leads to having a path. You could not have path if you don't have a goal. For example, picture yourself 10 years from now. Your dream is to become a professional singer, and you know that the only way to becoming a professional singer is to join, shall we say, american idol.

Now where is you path? Of course it's joining american idol, right? Now, another example. When you we're a kid, could you remember the times you we're playing and actually not thinking about what to do the next day? It's like your saying, come what may. Get the point?

By now you should be thinking about that path that you'll be taking. Choose the path you think is good for you, when doing this path give it your all, not just saying :"This would do cause' I'm really tired now." that is a real no no! Strive to do your best and eventually you'll reach that goal.

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